PV2R4A YUKEN vane pump

PV2R4A YUKEN vane pump


YUKEN Brand PV2R4A Single Pump

YUKEN Brand PV2R4A Single Pump Features:

1. Yuken brand vane pump has low noise, wide flow range, high pressure and high performance.

2. It is widely used in light industrial machinery (such as injection molding machines, hollow molding machines, die-casting machines, shoe machines, etc.). Forging machinery (such as pipe bender, hydraulic press, bending machine, etc.). Metallurgical machinery, port machinery and other industries.

Model description of YUKEN Brand PV2R4A single pump is shown in the following figure:

PV2R4A YUKEN <a href=https://www.tianjinleda.com/Yuken-brand-vane-pump_1.html target='_blank'>vane pump</a>2.png