Do you know the correct operation method for installing ball screw nut pair?

ball screw nut pair is a screw rod whose rotary motion can be converted into linear motion. It is one of the ideal products to convert linear motion into rotary motion. It is a transmission element often used on machine tools and precision machinery. Its main characteristics are It is to convert motion into linear motion, or torque into axial repetitive force, which has the characteristics of very high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. When it comes to the ball screw nut pair, it generally bears axial load, radial force and bending moment surface contact force, which will cause serious damage to the screw. Below, I will tell you how to install the ball screw. When the nut is paired to the machine tool, the following points should be noted.


First, during installation, it must be ensured that the axis of the screw rod is parallel to the configured guide rail. At the same time, it must be ensured that the bearing seat at both ends of the machine tool and the nut seat must be kept at a distance of three points and one line.

Second, when the nut is officially installed, it is of course correct to try to be as close as possible to the support bearing.


Third, after installing the support bearing, the bearing is already close to the nut at this time, then the operator should effectively and reasonably control whether the installation position of the nut is appropriate at this time; in addition, pay attention to when the ball screw is installed When you arrive at the machine tool, do not easily unload the nut from the screw rod, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious.


The problems that should be paid attention to when installing and unloading the nut: One is that the outer diameter must be less than 0.1-0.2mm; the other is that the auxiliary sleeve must be close to the threaded shaft of the screw, so that the nut can be gradual when unloading; the third is when the When unloading, do not use too much force.



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