The principle of ball screw transmission:

The principle of ball screw transmission is that the nut is connected with the parts that need to be linearly reciprocated during work. The rotation of the screw drives the nut to make a linear reciprocating motion, thereby driving the parts to make a linear reciprocating motion. Spiral grooves are made on the lead screw, nut and end cap (ball circulation device). These grooves are combined to form a ball circulation channel, and the balls roll in the channel.

In order to prevent the ball 3 from falling out of the nut, both ends of the nut's spiral groove should be sealed. When the ball screw is used as the active body, the nut will be converted into linear motion according to the lead of the corresponding specification with the rotation angle of the screw. The passive workpiece can be connected through the nut seat and the nut to realize the corresponding linear motion.

The structure of the ball screw pair is traditionally divided into two types: inner circulation structure (represented by circular and elliptical inverters) and outer circulation structure (represented by intubation).

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