Low Price High Quality resistance heating Wires coil wires

Low Price High Quality resistance heating Wires coil wires


Low Price High Quality resistance Heating wires coil wires

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Simple Assembly Shock Resistance Electric Electrothermal alloy material spring type Heating wire for Industrial furnace

Tianjin LeDa Industrial Products, we use quality materials and the latest technology in coiling and fabrication to produce the best heating elements and coils in the industry. We continually train our team and develop new machinery to satisfy the needs of our customers. Whether you require high-volume quantities or small production runs, we can get the job done!


Our prices are quite competitive, and since we have large quantity spiral heating wires,Resistance wires,heating coils,Electric Resistance wires,heating elements wires,electric fire wires,Heating Resistant Spiral Alloy Wires; Spiral Heating Element;spring type heating wires,Resistance Heater Wires in stock. We can provide a very fast delivery.

Product Specification

We inventory over 20+ different resistance alloys in a variety of gauges to minimize lead times.Our capabilities include:

*Alloy bar dia:10-60mm
* Resistance wire dia.0.05—10mm
* Resistance strip thickness0.56—5mm, width6—50mm
* Resistance strip wire thickness0.1—0.6mm,strip wire width1—6mm
* Cold rolled resistance foil thickness0.05—3mm,strip width4—250mmAlloy bar dia:10-60m 

When Inquiry, pls inform us below sizes
1. d1: wire diameter
2. D1: coil outer diameter
3. S1: distance from middle to middle of two coil
4. L1: heating length
5. Voltage and wattage, or resistance