PV2R series double YUKEN vane pump

PV2R series double YUKEN vane pump


PV2R series double vane pump YUKEN vane pump

Detailed introduction of YUKEN double vane pump PV2R series:

YUKEN Distribution Department www.tianjinleda.com provides large quantities of:

YUKEN Plunger pump series include: AR16, AR22, A10, A16, A22, A37, A56, A70, A90, A100, A145, A3H;

YUKEN vane pump series include:

YUKEN single pump PVR1, PVR2, PVR3, PVR4, PV2R4A, 50T, 150T, PV11R, PVL;

YUKEN duplex pump PVR12, PVR13, PVR23, PVR24, PVR34.

Reminder of the characteristics of the distribution department: There are many models of YUKEN hydraulic pumps, which are not listed here one by one. If you want to know the specific models or consult with YUKEN hydraulic pumps, you can directly contact the customer service of YUKEN distribution department. Welcome to your arrival.