PV11R Series YUKEN Brand Single Vane Pump

PV11R Series YUKEN Brand Single Vane Pump


PV11R Series YUKEN Brand Single vane pump

Model description of YUKEN single vane pump PV11R series:

Take PV11R10-2-F-RAA-20 as an example to introduce the parameters represented by each symbol:

PV11R10 -- series number

2 -- Displacement

F ---- Installation type F: Flange installation type L: Base installation type

R ---- Rotation mode R: clockwise rotation

A ---- Output port position A: above

A ---- Suction inlet position A: Above

20 --- Design No

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Features of YUKEN single vane pump PV11R series:

1. The circular blade with reasonable design and precision machining reduces the pressure stress of the blade on the stator curve, and improves the service life of the stator and blade.

2. The stator adopts advanced high-order non impact transition curve, which makes the blade have good motion and stress state, ensures good contact between the blade and the stator, minimizes flow loss, pressure and flow pulsation, and has lower noise and longer service life.

3. The side plate is hydraulically balanced to obtain better volumetric efficiency;

4. The key parts are made of high-quality materials and advanced heat treatment process, and the overall reliability of the oil pump is further improved;

5. The cartridge structure is adopted, and the main internal parts are made into components. The pump core can be replaced in a few minutes, with good interchangeability and convenient maintenance.

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