HIWIN HG Series Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway

HG series guideways can be classified into non-interchangeable and interchangeable types. The sizes are identical. The only difference between the two types is that the interchangeable type of blocks and rails can be freely exchanged, and their accuracy can reach up to P class. The model number of HG series contains the size, type, accuracy class, preload class, etc..



Self-aligning capability

By design, the circular-arc groove has contact points at 45 degrees. HG series can absorb most installation errors dueto surface irregularities and provide smooth linear motion through the elastic deformation of rolling elements andthe shift of contact points. Self-aligning capability, high accuracy and smooth operation can be obtained with an easyinstallation.


Because of precision dimensional control, the dimensional tolerance of HG series can be kept in a reasonable range,which means that any blocks and any rails in a specific series can be used together while maintaining dimensionaltolerance. And a retainer is added to prevent the balls from falling out when the blocks are removed from the rail.

High rigidity in all four directions

Because of the four-row design, the HG series linear guideway has equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radialand lateral directions. Furthermore, the circular-arc groove provides a wide-contact width between the balls and thegroove raceway allowing large permissible loads and high rigidity.


Machine centers、Machine tools、Precision machining machines、Heavy cutting machines、Punching machines、Marble cutting machines、Automatic equipments、Grinding machines、High speed transfer equipments、Injection molding machines、Measuring equipments

(1) Non-interchangeable type

HIWIN gw_HG_specNomen_US Nomenclature1

(2) Interchangeable type

Model Number of HG Block

HIWIN gw_HG_specNomen_US Nomenclature2

Model Number of HG Rail

HIWIN gw_HG_specNomen_US Nomenclature3

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