PVS plunger pump

PVS plunger pump


PVS Plunger pump

Features of PVS series variable flow piston pump:

Semi circular cylinder swashplate is adopted, with low noise and vibration

Use rich control options and efficiency to achieve energy saving

Specification of PVS series variable flow piston pump:


There are 6 options in addition to the pressure compensated control type


control modeSymbolcharacteristic特性

Pressure compensated type

(Manual control mode)

NWhen the output pressure reaches the set pressure of the compensator, the output automatically decreases and the set pressure is maintainedPVS pump1.png

Pressure compensated type

(Remote control Method)

PIt has the same characteristics as manual control. The output pressure can be remotely operated through the external pilot valve control pressure

Double pressure and double

flow control type

NQAccording to the timing valve mounted on the pump, the output changes in two stages. The previous high and low voltage control can be carried out through one set, which can realize the energy saving of the circuitPVS pump2.png

Electromagnetic cut-off

Control type

RSIn order to minimize the energy consumption when no hydraulic pressure is required, a solenoid valve for unloading is assembled on the pressure compensation typePVS pump3.png
Double pressure control typeWSTwo types of pressure compensation can be obtained through the solenoid valve ON/OFF mounted on the pump. When the driver is kept at a certain speed, two kinds of pressure control can be obtainedPVS pump4.png

With electromagnetic cut-off

Control double pressure and 

double flow Control type

RQSThe unloading function is added to the double pressure and double flow control type. When hydraulic pressure is not required, it can be unloaded through the solenoid valve mounted on the pumpPVS pump5.png

Double cut off

Control type

CSTwo kinds of pressure flow characteristics are obtained through the solenoid valve and output control mechanism mounted on the pumpPVS pump6.png

There are UPV series pump+motor combination integrated with motor (motor 0.75kW~7.5kW) and low noise UPN series integrated with oil immersed motor (motor 2.2kW~5.5kW)