PV2R series vane pump: PV2R1, PV2R2, PV2R3, PV2R4

PV2R series vane pump: PV2R1, PV2R2, PV2R3, PV2R4


PV2R series vane pump: PV2R1, PV2R2, PV2R3, PV2R4

YUKEN PV2R series vane pump is a high pressure, high-performance pump specially developed for low noise.

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Japan YUKEN Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1956, has a history of more than 50 years. As the largest hydraulic manufacturer in Japan, its products are sold all over the world. Its products include: hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, electro-hydraulic proportional control valve, pressure valve, flow valve, direction valve, proportional valve, superposition valve, cartridge valve, hydraulic accessories and hydraulic circuit design. The company's products are widely used in packaging machinery, injection molding machinery, rubber machinery, hydraulic machinery, die-casting machinery, plastic machinery, engineering machinery, machine tools, forging machinery and walking machinery.

In addition to preventing dry running and overload, preventing excessive suction air and suction vacuum, the management points of YUKEN vane pump should also pay attention to:

1. If the rotation direction of the pump is changed, the suction and discharge direction of the vane pump will also be changed, and the reverse direction is not allowed. Because the rotor blade slot is inclined and the blade is chamfered, the bottom of the blade is connected with the oil discharge chamber, and the throttling slot, suction and discharge ports on the oil distribution plate are designed according to the established turning direction. Reversible vane pumps must be specially designed.

2. The oil distribution plate and stator of the vane pump shall be correctly positioned with locating pins. The vanes, rotors and oil distribution plates shall not be installed reversely. The suction area on the inner surface of the stator is most easily worn. If necessary, it can be installed upside down to make the original suction area become the discharge area and continue to be used.

3. The working surface shall be clean during disassembly and assembly, and the oil shall be well filtered during operation.

4. If the clearance of the blade in the blade slot is too large, the leakage will increase, and if it is too small, the blade cannot expand and retract freely, which will lead to abnormal operation.

5. Axial clearance of vane pump η V has a great impact.

1) Small pump -0.015 ~ 0.03mm

2) Medium pump -0.02 ~ 0.045mm

6. The temperature and viscosity of oil should not exceed 55 ℃ generally, and the viscosity should be between 17~37mm2/s. If the viscosity is too large, it is difficult to absorb oil; If the viscosity is too small, serious leakage will occur.

PV2R1-6-F-RAA-4222 PV2R1-10-F-RAA-4222

PV2R1-12-F-RAA-41 PV2R1-14-F-RAA-41

PV2R1-17-F-RAA-41 PV2R1-19-F-RAA-41

PV2R1-23-F-RAA-41 PV2R1-25-F-RAA-41

PV2R1-28-F-RAA-41 PV2R1-31-F-RAA-41

PV2R2-26-F-RAA-41 PV2R2-33-F-RAA-41

PV2R2-41-F-RAA-41 PV2R2-47-F-RAA-41

PV2R2-53-F-RAA-41 PV2R2-59-F-RAA-41

PV2R2-65-F-RAA-41 PV2R3-52-F-RAA-31

PV2R3-60-F-RAA-31 PV2R3-66-F-RAA-31

PV2R3-76-F-RAA-31 PV2R3-94-F-RAA-31

PV2R3-116-F-RAA-31 PV2R4-136-F-RAA-30

PV2R4-153-F-RAA-30 PV2R4-184-F-RAA-30

PV2R4-200-F-RAA-30 PV2R4-237-F-RAA-30

Double pump: PV2R12. PV2R13。 PV2R14。 PV2R23。 PV2R24。 PV2R34