Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Type:Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Vibration:Z1V1,Z2V2 and Z3V3
Material:Chrome Steel ,Carbon Steel, Bearing Steel
Product description:1.Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings 2.Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings 3.Four-point Angular Contact Ball Bearings


Angular Contact Ball bearing

Angular contact ball bearings can withstand high radial-axial loads and reach high speeds. They are asymmetrical for manufacturing reasons and can withstand unidirectional axial loads only. Angular bearings are usually mounted in a group of two or more opposed preload units with rigid or elastic spacers. Typically, the inner and outer raceways and balls are made of chrome steel. Where operating conditions are severe, bearings may have ceramic balls creating a hybrid bearing.

Advantages of Angular Contact Ball Bearing:

1.Ultra clean steel to extend bearing life by up to 80%

2.Advanced grade technology

3.Quiet and smooth operation even at high speed

4.Super finished raceways

5.Offer products in 15,25 and 40 degree angles


Applications of Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Motor, Machinery, Electric Tools, Sports Apparatus, office equipment , Scooter Aluminum

windows , shower blocks, hanging round, closet wheel, toys, Fan, car, truck,tractors and

automatic machine,Textile machine, Pump, Agricultural machinery, Machine tool,window ,

sliding door , other furniture and some toys.