Iron chromium aluminum electric heating flat belt

Iron chrome aluminum forming resistance belt electric furnace accessories forming industrial furnace high temperature electric heating flat belt


Product Description

Inconel 600 nickel alloy wire and resistance wire with bright annealed or oxidized surface, depending on size.
Round resistance wire sizes up to 5 mm are available with insulation and coating.

Resistance Heating wire and resistance wire is characterized by consistent resistivity from delivery to delivery, facilitating trouble-free production. 


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FeCrAl Alloy: OCr15Al5,1Cr13Al4, 0Cr21Al4, 0Cr21Al6, 0Cr25Al5, 0Cr21Al6Nb,0Cr27Al7Mo2.
NiCr Alloy: Cr20Ni80,Cr30Ni70,Cr20Ni35,Cr20Ni30,Cr15Ni60.
CuNi Alloy: NC003,NC010,NC012,NC015,NC020,NC025,NC030,NC040,NC050,Constantan,6J8/11/12/13/.
Welding Wire: ERNiCrMo-3/4/13,ERNiCrFe-3/7,ERNiCr-3/7,ERNiCu-7,ERNi-1, ER70S-6.
Thermocouple Alloy: K,J,E,T,N, S,R,B,KX,JX,EX,TX,NX.
Inconel Alloy: Inconel 600,601,617,X-750,625,690,718,825.
Incoloy Alloy: Incoloy 800,800H,800HT,825,925.
Hastelloy Alloy: HC-276,C-22,C-4,HB,B/2/3,X,N.
Monel Alloy: Monel 400,K500.
High-temperature Alloy: A-286,Nimonic80A/90,GH131,GH1140,GH36,GH2706,GH2901,GH3625,GH3536,GH4169.
Precision Alloy Series: 1J33,3J01,3J9,4J29,4J32.4J33,Invar36,4J45.FeNi50.

Thermal Spray Alloy: Inconel 625,Ni95Al5,Monel400,45CT,HC-276,K500,Cr20Ni80.


1. Sulfuric acid factory usage for heating pipe, container, basket,chain and so on.
2. Cooling heat exchanger, marine product pipeline system and gas pipeline of acidic environment.
3. Heat exchanger, steam machine, washing, impregnation pipe, etc. for phosphoric acid produce
4. Food processing equipment; Salt production . Chemical process
5.Oil refining in the air heat exchanger.
6.Caustic handling equipment
7.Reactors and vessels in which fluorine is generated and reacted with hydrocarbons
8. Application of high pressure oxygen flam-retardant alloy

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