UVN series vane pump

UVN series vane pump


UVN series vane pump

Features of UVN series pump+motor combination:

Realize high efficiency of oil pressure pump and motor. Power consumption is reduced by about 20% compared with the past (corresponding to the super high efficiency of motor IE3)


Contribute to the design of space saving pump hydraulic station

The unique connection form of pump and motor shaft achieves the goal of low noise and long service life

Energy saving effect when maintaining pressure (pump+motor unit):


UVN series <a href=https://www.tianjinleda.com/Yuken-brand-vane-pump_1.html target='_blank'>vane pump</a>2.jpg


Industrial machines such as working machines


Due to the energy-saving design of the pump+motor combination, the number is changed from 10 to 11D. (Both new and old models can be installed on the pump+motor combination)

From the fan side of the motor, the rotation direction is right (clockwise).

The motor is based on 3 ratings (AC200-50/60, AC220-60Hz) of each size (0.75 ~ 2.2kW-4P). (It can also support different voltages)

Protection structure of motor: main body - IP44; Terminal box - IP54.

Please consult our company about the combination beyond the above table.