Nachi brand plunger pump PZS series

Nachi brand plunger pump PZS series:


Features of PZS Nachi brand series variable piston pump: greatly reduce loss and save power

1. Variable piston pump PZS is high pressure and high efficiency. The high pressure can reach 28Mpa at most, which has the variable characteristic of obtaining the necessary displacement and energy saving characteristic. By using the semicylindrical swashplate specially designed by NACHI, stable oil output can be maintained, flow loss can be reduced, and power can be effectively used according to the load cycle. It saves energy, reduces power loss and realizes low-cost production.

2. Variable piston pump PZS is silent. The circular arc swashplate like PVS series is used to support and multiple plungers (9-11 in the past) and the best oil distribution plate are used. Stable operation and low noise. The noise elimination structure is adopted in the slipper, swash plate, oil distribution plate and other places. Low noise is achieved, especially through the semi cylindrical swashplate, which stabilizes the action characteristics and has low noise during operation.

3. Variable piston pump PZS has high reliability and long service life. Oil seal is used at the shaft end to solve oil leakage, which can provide stability and anti fouling capability through the best oil balance composed of spherical oil distribution plate

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