Yuken A90 series plunger pump yuken plunger pump

A90 series plunger pump yuken plunger pump


A90 series Plunger pump YUKEN plunger pump

Features of Yuken plunger pump A90 series:

1. Low heat generation: because of less power loss, it can reduce the temperature rise of the oil, thus reducing the capacity of the oil tank.

2. High efficiency: when the pressure is 16MPa; At 1800 r/min, the volumetric efficiency is greater than 98% and the total efficiency is greater than 90%, with the highest efficiency.

3. Energy saving type: because of its high overall efficiency and good current interception characteristics, it can save input power.

4. Low noise: A16 pump noise is lower than 57.3dB (A). (Measuring position: 1m behind the pump, pressure: 21MPa, full closure

Yuken plunger pump A90 series model:









YUKEN plunger pump A90 series models are not listed one by one. If you want to find a specific model and price, you can contact us. Our distribution department has been supplying hydraulic products such as Youyan plunger pump, YUKEN vane pump and YUKEN valve in large quantities for a long time. The price is low and the quality is good. Come and buy the original imported hydraulic products quickly!